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Please vote for this challenge's icons!
Vote on the best icons, not your favourite fandoms
Vote for your top 5 & 2 special category votes
Voting will end on Friday.
Please vote in the following format: 00, 00, 00, 00, 00
Order doesn't matter, votes aren't weighted.

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luminousdaze: From the film The Fellowship of the Ring: Frodo & Gandalf riding cart through Hobbiton, lots of greenery (LotR: The Shire)
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Lost, Doctor Who


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Challenge Post

This weeks theme/prompt is :Close Crop
This week, your cropping should be close to your subject. You can use any of the provided caps, or find your own.

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>> create up to THREE icons based on the theme
>> you can use any fandoms, tv, cinema, comics, video games etc
>> icons are 100x100, 60kb or less
>> post your icons as a new post to this comm
>> tag with your username if you can
>> have fun!
>> icons are due 3rd June approx 7pm EST
>> for further caps, check out [community profile] capshare!


Check out the rules in the profile, each new fortnight comes with a new challenge. you can see the latest here

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