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challenge 61



1: Michelangelo, The Creation of Adam
2: vintage postcard, artist unknown
3: Sailor Moon

This is my first post here. I looked at the community info and it said any icons including "stock" was okay, so I hope everything here is good. Let me know if I should take it down.
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Last reminder! Icons are due in just over a week, we've got some lovely entries but more are nice.

you can find challenge 61 here!
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Winners Challenge 60!

First Place: [personal profile] lifeistoobrevis
Second Place: [personal profile] tree
Third Place: [personal profile] ascendant_angel
Third Place: [personal profile] colls
Third Place: [personal profile] luminousdaze
Best Cropping: [personal profile] tree
Mods Choice: [personal profile] skieswideopen
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Challenge 60 voting

Please vote for this challenge's icons!
Vote on the best icons, not your favorite fandom
Vote for your top 5 & 1 Special Category : Cropping
Voting will end on Friday.
Please vote in the following format: 00, 00, 00, 00, 00
Order doesn't matter, votes aren't weighted.

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Challenge 61: It takes two

Challenge Post

This weeks theme/prompt is :it takes two!
This week, all icons should have two people or objects in them. No other restrictions. Feel free to use the Screencaps below, or any others you want to.

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[personal profile] green | [personal profile] goodbyebird | [personal profile] rolliraserin

>> create up to THREE icons based on the theme
>> you can use any fandoms, tv, cinema, comics, video games etc
>> icons are 100x100, 60kb or less
>> post your icons as a new post to this comm
>> tag with your username if you can
>> have fun!
>> icons are due 1st July approx 7pm EST
>> for further caps, check out [community profile] capshare!

Challenge 60


1-3 Andromeda

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Last reminder! Icons are due on the weekend, we've got some lovely entries but more are nice.

you can find challenge 60 here!